Full text of the official policy


The purpose of this policy is to provide a clear and concise process for implementing contract change orders for all construction projects administered through Financial Affairs.

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No actual work will begin, and no funds shall be expended until the Change Order Request Approval Form (CORAF) has been approved by the appropriate parties as defined in the procedures. All executed CORAFs should be incorporated into a change order within 30 days of the completion of the work described in the CORAF in order to allow the Contractor and any subcontractors to bill for work performed.

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These procedures apply to all Contractors, Architects/Engineers/Consultants, and UA Personnel.

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To begin the change order request approval process, the Contract will submit a Change Order Request Approval Form (CORAF) in the K2/Everest system.  When submitting the CORAF, the Contractor should include the supporting documentation required by Article 19 of the General Conditions as well as any additional documentation the designer and/or UA personnel deem necessary to evaluate the proposed change and the cost thereof.

In the case of an emergency the University may temporarily waive the requirement for some or all of the supporting documentation in order to proceed with work as quickly as possible. For purposes of this policy, any situation or condition which could have a potentially imminent and adverse effect on health and safety and/or the integrity of buildings or property is considered an emergency.  Any such CORAF should include a written justification for the emergency declaration and should be narrowly tailored to include only the work necessary to address the emergency condition. The Contractor shall provide the supporting documentation required by contract as soon as reasonably possible and prior to incorporating the emergency CORAF in a formal change order.

Once the Contractor submits the CORAF, it is routed to the Architect/Engineer, Project Manager, Construction Administration, and Contract Administration for review. Construction Administration and Contract Administration may designate multiple reviewers within their respective departments depending on the amount or complexity of the CORAF. The Assistant Vice President for Construction Administration and the Director of Contract Administration may also appoint delegates from within their respective departments to approve or execute CORAFs.

After the CORAF is executed, the approved CORAF is automatically emailed to the Contractor, A/E, and Project Manager and the work described in the CORAF is authorized to begin.

One or more approved CORAFs with all supporting documentation shall be included with the change order. Consent of Surety with Power of Attorney will be required with the change order if the total changes to the contract exceed 10% of the revised base contract amount.  After the final signature, the completed change order is distributed by email to the following parties:

  1. Contractor (signer)
  2. Architect (approver)
  3. Project Manager (approver)
  4. Assistant Vice President of Construction (approver)
  5. Director of Contract Administration (approver)
  6. Business Accounting for Construction and Physical Plant (approver)
  7. Office of Counsel (approver)
  8. Assistant Vice President for Financial Affairs (signer)