We can help you find the manual for that.

Contract Administration is responsible for finalizing the University’s formal closeout process for all capital construction projects on campus.  As part of that process, Contract Administration confirms that all operation and maintenance manuals have been provided by the construction contractors and are accessible to all UA building representatives.  Operations and maintenance manuals are critical resources for maximizing the life cycle of all buildings, associated equipment and even finishes such as flooring.  The various manuals include such information as warranties, safety procedures, cleaning instructions, replacement part numbers, filter types, etc.  In the event such information is needed for any reason, please contact your UA Building Representative.  Feel free to suggest they contact Contract Administration for assistance if they do not know how to access the manuals.

Construction Progress

“It sure has grown since I was there.”  This is a sentiment all of us have heard at least once from friends and family who graduated from UA but now live elsewhere.  There are many alumni and friends of the University who only get back to campus for a football game or other major event.  Whether it’s been two years or 20 since their last visit, occasional visitors usually marvel at the amount of new construction and renovation.

But do you know exactly how much UA has grown?  In order to accommodate the more than 35,000 students enrolled, UA has witnessed an enormous amount of construction in the past 10 years.  Since 2005, our campus has seen the construction of 57 new buildings and expansions totaling approximately 4.8 million additional square feet of residence halls, fraternity and sorority houses, classroom space, athletic facilities, and dining halls.

In addition, we have added Sid McDonald Hall and the National Water Center which are used by The UA System and NOAA respectively.  We’ve also renovated existing buildings such as Lloyd Hall, Russell Hall, Foster Auditorium, ten Hoor Hall, and the Ferguson Center.  And of course we can’t forget to mention the the North Upper Deck and South Upper Deck additions at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

The members of Contract Administration are proud of the small role our department played in these projects.  We are also excited about the projects scheduled for the future and how they will help UA continue to thrive.


In the last month we had the opportunity to celebrate the retirement of one of our colleagues, Trip Farmer.  Over his 26 years of service to The University of Alabama System, Trip has served as the Director of Contract Administration on our campus, Treasurer and Controller of The UAB Educational Foundation, and Assistant to the Director of Campus Maintenance at UAB.

Trip joined the newly created Contract Administration department in 2005, and with his background and experience, created policies and procedures that established a level of quality and control which guides the University in maintaining compliance with the Alabama Public Works Law today. He has set the bar, and we are fortunate to have his example and work ethic to guide the department as we strive to maintain the consistency and professionalism he worked so tirelessly to uphold.

It is always bittersweet when we have to say goodbye to one of our co-workers, but we wish Trip well in his retirement.

New to Procurement Services

Effective April 1, 2015, the department of Contract Administration became a new member of the Procurement Services family. This addition allows Procurement to provide service for all construction projects over $50,000 on campus. Contract Administration is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Alabama Public Works Law, Title 39, as well as timely and accurate processing of pay applications, construction contracts, change orders, and various architectural agreements.  To learn more about Contract Administration, please visit our website.

Departmental Changes

Spring is often a time of renewal and change.  Our campus blooms with the new flowers of the season and the sun begins to peak through the clouds.  We also have some exciting changes happening in the Office of Procurement Services.

Effective April 1, the staff in Contract Administration will become part of Procurement Services. They  will continue to provide excellent service to the University while administering all contracts and agreements related to construction projects.  This change will allow for all procurement of goods, services, and construction to be under one umbrella.

Kevin R. Stevens


  • Reminder: When submitting forms, always use the most current version which can be found on Estus.
  • The Supplementary Instructions to Bidders has recently changed and now requires a list of all subcontractors be turned in with bid proposals.
  • Article 28 of the General Conditions has recently changed. Please note changes made in paragraph four.