Did you know that UA’s Campus Map Provides Info on Current and Future Construction Projects?

  • October 2nd, 2019
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The UA campus map is a great resource for getting around, whether you walk, bike, drive, or take Crimson Ride.  The map also has tons of information and history about all the academic buildings, student housing, and other facilities we use every day.

But did you know it’s also a great way to stay informed about UA construction projects? When you click the “Construction” section in the left-hand menu, the map will show both ongoing and planned projects.  Current projects are highlighted in blue, while future projects are shown in green.  Clicking a project on the map will display information about it.  For some projects, this includes renderings of the finished addition or renovation.  In addition, the map also shows locations of temporary road closures and other campus impacts necessary due to ongoing work.

We’re Moving

  • May 1st, 2019
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Furnishings and Design and Contract Administration will be the final divisions of Procurement Services moving to the University Services Campus in early June. Both departments will occupy Building 1021 at 405 Cahaba Circle, formerly Cottage 3 on the USC campus. See the map below for the exact location.

It will be the first time for Furnishings and Design that the entire business and design teams, Upholstery Shop, and Chair Lab will be housed under the same roof. To allow time to move the Upholstery equipment, the shop will be down from May 31-June 11. The employees will physically move to the new space June 6, 7, 10 and 11. Please contact them via email during this time. They will do their best to respond in a timely manner.

Contract Administration employees will move on June 7 and begin holding bid openings and other meetings in the new location later in the month. If you plan to attend any bid openings or prebid meetings, please confirm the location prior to the meeting. You can do so by checking the bid documents, contacting your Construction Administration project manager, or emailing Dan Rodgers at drodgers@fa.ua.edu or Leigh Ann Huguley at lhuguley@fa.ua.edu.

Please join us in welcoming Furnishings and Design and Contract Administration to the University Services Campus.

University Services Campus Map



What exactly is Contract Administration?

  • April 1st, 2019
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Of all the branches of Procurement, Contract Administration is probably the least well-known among UA Faculty and Staff. This is because Contract Administration has a very specific mission – compliance with state and federal law for construction projects.

The Alabama Public Works law, found in Title 39 of the Code of Alabama, governs what we commonly refer to as “construction.” The Public Works law is distinct from the Alabama bid law, found in Title 41, which governs the purchase of other goods and services.

Contract Administration’s task is to see that the advertising, bidding, and award of construction contracts complies with Title 39. We strive to promote free and open competition so that public funds are used efficiently, and UA gets a quality end product.

In addition to construction contracts, we also administer contracts for professional service providers such as architects and engineers. Contract Administration is also responsible for compliance with any federal requirements when UA receives a grant for construction.

Construction Update Fall 2018

  • August 2nd, 2018
  • in News

As is the case most years, the start of the 2018 fall semester will see a number of new or renovated facilities coming on line.  Contract Administration is proud of the small role we play in bringing these projects to completion.  Here are a few of the projects wrapping up in the coming weeks:

Tutwiler Parking Deck:  This new deck is located south of Tutwiler Hall and will provide approximately 1,450 parking spaces.

Renovation of H.M. Comer Hall:  Completion of this interior and exterior renovation will transform H.M. Comer Hall into the “front door” of the College of Engineering and greater Science and Engineering Complex and reflect the architectural context of the Shelby Quad and current UA campus design standards.

Freshman Residence Hall:  The new residence hall on 2nd Street (just south of Lakeside Dining) will accommodate approximately 490 residents and also features a multipurpose room and C-Store.

University Boulevard Improvements Phase III:  This project extends the enhancements on University Boulevard east past Helen Keller Blvd.  As with the previous two phases, the improvements include new bicycle paths, landscaping and sidewalks.

Summer Road Closures

  • May 3rd, 2018
  • in News

Summer in Tuscaloosa usually means an increased amount of visible construction around campus.  This year is no different.  As part of these projects, some roadways will be temporarily closed or have less than their full allotment of lanes open.

The third phase of University Boulevard enhancements will kick off after commencement.  This phase will pick up where last year’s work ended.  As in years past, University Boulevard will remain open, but traffic will be condensed to one side while the opposite side is under construction.  This year’s repaving extends from the eastern on-ramp to McFarland Boulevard to Helen Keller Boulevard.

Portions of 2nd Avenue and Bryant Drive will also be closed periodically for work on the new Capstone Parking Deck in the current Moody surface lot.

Also, various small sections of roads throughout campus will be repaved over the summer.  These closures should be limited and of a short duration.  Faculty and staff should monitor Inside UA for news of planned interruptions and see the May 2 Inside UA article for maps of the planned closings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • February 6th, 2018
  • in News

The Contract Administration website has an FAQ’s webpage that can help you learn about upcoming construction projects.  Much of the information is for contractors or other external partners working on UA construction projects.  There are however, items of interest to UA Faculty and Staff such as how to find out about upcoming construction projects on campus.

Using the Redirect Function in Everest/K2

  • October 5th, 2017
  • in News

Like many of our campus partners, Contract Administration relies on processes created by Financial Affairs Information Technology in the Everest/K2 platform. Working with FA IT and with these processes, we have learned most of the basic functions in Everest/K2. One very useful function everyone should know about is the Redirect. Redirect allows you to send your task to a co-worker or supervisor. Once a task is redirected, it will disappear from your work list. Our Program Assistant, Leigh Ann Huguley, has created a set of easy instructions on how to use the Redirect feature. We hope you’ll find it useful. Please note Redirect is not available in the ePIRPAF process.

Learn About Upcoming Construction Projects

  • July 10th, 2017
  • in News

All of us can walk or drive around campus and see what construction projects are currently underway. But did you know you can learn about what projects are planned in the near future? By going to UAbidinfo.ua.edu, you can see a list of projects scheduled to bid in the coming weeks or months. Clicking each project name will show basic information about the project. The list is typically updated each Monday with new projects or at other times throughout the week if previously set bid dates are rescheduled.

Operations and Maintenance Manuals

  • April 3rd, 2017
  • in News

Proper maintenance and cleaning is crucial to extending the life of the equipment and materials we all work with every day. This includes everything from the HVAC systems in our various buildings to the carpet on our floors. But when it comes to the “stuff” at our jobs, many of us are in the dark as to just what proper maintenance and cleaning means.

If we have trouble with a product at home, we typically consult the owner’s manual. UA staff often does the same, but the University is a little too big to keep all its manuals in the “junk drawer” alongside the birthday candles and phone book. Part of Contract Administration’s job is to make sure all the operation and maintenance manuals associated with new construction are provided to the University in the closeout process. These manuals are stored electronically and can be referenced when needed. If you have an issue, you should start with your Building Representative. You or your Building Representative can contact our department if needed for help with a manual.