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Departmental Changes

Spring is often a time of renewal and change.  Our campus blooms with the new flowers of the season and the sun begins to peak through the clouds.  We also have some exciting changes happening in the Office of Procurement Services.

Effective April 1, the staff in Contract Administration will become part of Procurement Services. They  will continue to provide excellent service to the University while administering all contracts and agreements related to construction projects.  This change will allow for all procurement of goods, services, and construction to be under one umbrella.

Kevin R. Stevens


  • Reminder: When submitting forms, always use the most current version which can be found on Estus.
  • The Supplementary Instructions to Bidders has recently changed and now requires a list of all subcontractors be turned in with bid proposals.
  • Article 28 of the General Conditions has recently changed. Please note changes made in paragraph four.