What exactly is Contract Administration?

  • April 1st, 2019
  • in News

Of all the branches of Procurement, Contract Administration is probably the least well-known among UA Faculty and Staff. This is because Contract Administration has a very specific mission – compliance with state and federal law for construction projects.

The Alabama Public Works law, found in Title 39 of the Code of Alabama, governs what we commonly refer to as “construction.” The Public Works law is distinct from the Alabama bid law, found in Title 41, which governs the purchase of other goods and services.

Contract Administration’s task is to see that the advertising, bidding, and award of construction contracts complies with Title 39. We strive to promote free and open competition so that public funds are used efficiently, and UA gets a quality end product.

In addition to construction contracts, we also administer contracts for professional service providers such as architects and engineers. Contract Administration is also responsible for compliance with any federal requirements when UA receives a grant for construction.