Operations and Maintenance Manuals

Proper maintenance and cleaning is crucial to extending the life of the equipment and materials we all work with every day. This includes everything from the HVAC systems in our various buildings to the carpet on our floors. But when it comes to the “stuff” at our jobs, many of us are in the dark as to just what proper maintenance and cleaning means.

If we have trouble with a product at home, we typically consult the owner’s manual. UA staff often does the same, but the University is a little too big to keep all its manuals in the “junk drawer” alongside the birthday candles and phone book. Part of Contract Administration’s job is to make sure all the operation and maintenance manuals associated with new construction are provided to the University in the closeout process. These manuals are stored electronically and can be referenced when needed. If you have an issue, you should start with your Building Representative. You or your Building Representative can contact our department if needed for help with a manual.