We’re Going Paperless!

Starting in December, construction projects bid at the University will utilize an electronic system for the submission of pay applications and change order request approval forms (“CORAFs”).  Contract Administration has partnered with Construction Administration and Financial Affairs Information Technology in the development of the eCORAF and ePayApp.  This is part of the continuing effort to increase efficiency and provide better service.

Currently, both pay applications and CORAFs are processed via hard copies and original signatures. construction worker w laptopWith contractors and architects in home offices throughout the state, delays are a given as documents travel from one signer to the next. In addition, UA approvers are often in different buildings or jobsite trailers, so more time passes as forms move from one location to the next through campus mail or hand delivery. This has a real impact on projects when contractors must wait for approval to perform additional work or front costs until their next payment.

With these new electronic systems, documents will move instantly from one signer to the next. Contractors will benefit from improved cash flow and faster approval for change order work. Each system is designed to be user friendly and resemble the paper forms with which our partners are already familiar. The eCORAF and ePayApp will also record historical data for cost tracking and comparison purposes. This should allow UA to better access and evaluate change order proposals based on previous costs for similar work.