Construction Progress

“It sure has grown since I was there.”  This is a sentiment all of us have heard at least once from friends and family who graduated from UA but now live elsewhere.  There are many alumni and friends of the University who only get back to campus for a football game or other major event.  Whether it’s been two years or 20 since their last visit, occasional visitors usually marvel at the amount of new construction and renovation.

But do you know exactly how much UA has grown?  In order to accommodate the more than 35,000 students enrolled, UA has witnessed an enormous amount of construction in the past 10 years.  Since 2005, our campus has seen the construction of 57 new buildings and expansions totaling approximately 4.8 million additional square feet of residence halls, fraternity and sorority houses, classroom space, athletic facilities, and dining halls.

In addition, we have added Sid McDonald Hall and the National Water Center which are used by The UA System and NOAA respectively.  We’ve also renovated existing buildings such as Lloyd Hall, Russell Hall, Foster Auditorium, ten Hoor Hall, and the Ferguson Center.  And of course we can’t forget to mention the the North Upper Deck and South Upper Deck additions at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

The members of Contract Administration are proud of the small role our department played in these projects.  We are also excited about the projects scheduled for the future and how they will help UA continue to thrive.